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Anti-Tarnish Tissue

Our Ontario & Kraft Anti-Tarnish are pH neutral tissues.  These tissues won't tarnish or interact with your sensitive materials.

Use our anti-tarnish tissue to protect archival items such as prints, artwork, photographs, and more!

Jewelers rolls available.


If you are looking for acid free tissue, please contact us to discuss the technical specifications of our product.

Available in:
  • Type: Ontario White and Kraft
  • Sizes: 20" X 30" and 24" X 36"
  • Quantity: 480 sheet reams, flat 
  • Basis Weight: 12# Ontario White and 10# or 15# Kraft
  • Use: Anti-tarnish and interleaving

​Custom size rolls and sheets as available upon request. Contact us for more information.

*Exposure to air and other elements can still cause tarnish to your items. Our tissue does not contribute to this process.

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